The Puggle is a dog originating from the cross between a pug and the beagle. Although not recognized by the AKC, they are by a whole lot of other professional dog associations like the American Canine Hybrid Club. Due to their pug heritage, they will most likely be best suited to moderate climates due to their high sensitivity to heat and overexertion. They can adapt to living in both an apartment and a larger house but due to their beagle heritage, they will prefer being in a larger house in which they can roam freely.


Due to their low-shedding tendencies, their coats will need to be brushed weekly. An occasional bath when needed is important too. Additionally, their teeth should be cleaned on a regular. So should their nails, ears, and face wrinkles if they inherit them from their pug parent. They are an easily trainable breed courtesy of their high intelligence and eagerness to learn. Also, it is important to focus your training on positive reinforcement techniques as their feelings could easily be hurt through harsh words.


They are a playful, outgoing and charming dog whom usually cohabits well with children and other pets. In the case where they are to inherit the beagle’s prey drive, they will need extra training and socialization to prevent them from chasing after smaller pets. Despite their good health, these pug beagle mixes will still be prone to certain diseases. From their pug parents, we can have defects such as hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, hypothyroidism, and encephalitis. They could also have episodes of reverse-sneezing.


The Beagle Pug mix will be a moderate level energy dog. As such, they will require just a daily walk and a few extra exercises to keep them happy. It is important that they are monitored during exercise as they get tired easily especially in hot climates. They would also not enjoy being left alone for extended periods of time as they enjoy the company. A fully grown Puggle stands 8 to 15 inches tall and weighs 14 to 40 pounds. They have a general lifespan of 10 to 15 years.