The papi-poo is the dog breed that originates from the cross between a papillon dog and a miniature poodle. They are not recognized by the AKC because of the unpredictability of their genes. However, they are acknowledged by other dog associations such as the American Canine Hybrid Club and more. Due to their papillon dog heritage, it is advisable to keep them on their leash in an unfenced perimeter because they tend to chase after small rodents. They will do well in almost every climate as long as it is not extremely hot or cold. They will also make good watchdogs due to their high alertness.


Even though this Papillon mix dog possesses thick fur, they are not heavy shedders. Thus, brushing them once a week and giving them an occasional bath should be enough to keep them neat. Their dental, ear, and nail care should not be neglected too. These puppies are not only intelligent and eager to please but also they do not have the stubborn traits most small dogs possess. This makes them a highly trainable breed. They respond best to positive training based on praises and rewards but it should be done in moderation if not they will tend to be over-pampered and stubborn.


They are natural charmers as they have a playful, happy, and friendly character. They will be a great addition to a family with kids and pets. However, it is important to supervise the time they spend with kids because they are easily injured. They will bark only when necessary to bring your attention to something. Due to their Papillion heritage, they are prone to heart complications, eye defects, and dental issues notwithstanding their good health. These health defects could increase or decrease depending on the other parent breed.  Proper hygiene and regular visits to the vet should help manage these setbacks.


Even though they are a small breed, the Papillon mix puppy is one very athletic dog. It is important to give them daily exercise which may be as simple as a walk or a more vigorous exercise like hiking and swimming. They have a usual lifespan of 10 to 18 years, growing 8 to 15 inches tall and weighing 5 to 15 pounds. Hence, they will not enjoy being left alone for extended periods of time as they crave human attention. They are adaptable to living in both small apartment and large homes.

Papi-poo Puppies



Papi-poo Puppies



Papi-poo Puppies



Papi-poo Puppies