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The Black Labrador Retriever usually referred to simply as the Black Lab is a dog breed of Canadian origin. That is one of the most popular and commonly owned dogs in the United States. This is mostly because of their friendly and loyal nature which is appealing to families. They are descendants of the St. John’s water dog of Newfoundland which have resulted from generations of breeding for shorter fur and a smaller stature. The original lab retriever was born in Labrador, Canada.

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The Black Lab is renowned for its patience as they will wait for their owner in a hunting field or a child’s school bus. They are great family dogs as they are extremely loyal and playful as well but they do require a little training. Moreover, they tend to be extremely curious. They will try to follow up anything that intrigues them and this will lead them to chase but they are very gentle even with prey.  As they were originally bred to be working or hunting dogs. They tend to crave exercise and do well in hiking and swimming.

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Black Labs are highly adaptable and can be easily trained out of instinctive habits such as barking and digging. Moreover, they are better suited to living in larger homes where they can run around but they will be comfortable living in apartments provided they get enough exercise and mental stimulation. Also, they handle most climates well although they are sensitive to extreme heat or cold. Black Labs love attention but do not need you to be with you all day.

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Generally, black labs are healthy but it is necessary to ensure they don’t feed too much as they get older or when they are not getting enough exercise. A few breed-specific conditions such as cataracts and joint problems are quite common. Furthermore, their coat is short, water-resistant and set in two layers. This coat is low-maintenance but they should be washed frequently if they are avid swimmers.  It is also important to clean their teeth, hair and nails to keep them healthy. Lastly, they have a lifespan of 10 to 14 years and grow to an average height of 23 inches and weigh an average of 75 pounds.

Labrador Retriever Black Puppies



Labrador Retriever Black Puppies



Labrador Retriever Black Puppies



Labrador Retriever Black Puppies