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The labernese is a cross between the Labrador Retriever and the Bernese Mountain Dog that originated from Canada. As a mixed breed, they can inherit any combination of traits from both parent breeds. Nevertheless, the Labernese tends to be energetic, playful and friendly but also have a calm and gentle nature. They are not recognized by the AKC as expected but they are recognized by other prestigious associations such as the ACHC and the Dog Registry of America.

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The Labernese is a large dog breed that is unexpectedly gentle hence earning the name gentle giant. Their friendly nature allows them to get along with children, other pets and even strangers. Moreover, they tend to bond closely with their families and even more so with their favorite person. In addition, they make good watchdogs as they are alert but are not good guard dogs as they are usually more interested in making friends. Generally, the labernese is a good fit for first-timers as they are highly trainable, eager to please and quick to pick up things. This also means that they get bored easily.

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Due to their large size, the Labernese won’t adapt well to apartment-living. They require a lot of space and are more suited to living in larger homes. Moreover, they do well in most climates but are better suited for colder climates. They don’t like being left alone and this can cause them to develop separation anxiety. Furthermore, their activity levels usually range from moderate to high and hence they will need daily walks in addition to playtime and other activities such as swimming and trips to the park.

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The grooming needs of the labernese entails brushing a few times a week, occasional baths and a bit more care during their two heavy yearly shedding sessions. Also, dental care is of utmost importance. This is because gum and teeth infection are one of the most common issues in dogs. Moreover, the Labernese weighs between 55- 120 pounds and stands 21-27 inches tall at the shoulder when completely grown. They have a relatively short lifespan of just 6 to 12 years.

Labernese Puppies



Labernese Puppies



Labernese Puppies



Labernese Puppies