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The Keeshond Mix is a cross between the keeshond and the various other dog breeds. The offspring are therefore not purebred dogs and hence are not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC).  Moreover, like all other mixed breeds, the Keeshond Mixes can inherit their traits from either parent or they may more likely get a blend of traits from both parents. Various Keeshond Mixes include the Keeshond Pomeranian Mix and the Keeshond husky Mix.

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Keeshond Mixes are usually affectionate and loyal like the purebred keeshond. Thus they tend to be playful as well. Moreover, they also inherit the love for attention from the Keeshond as well. In addition, Keeshond Mixes generally get along with children and with other pets a well. Unless this trait is severely affected by traits of the other parent in the breed. They also make great watchdogs that will alert you with their loud bark once a stranger is around.

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Keeshond Mixes usually range from moderate to highly adaptable dogs that will usually handle almost every living situation very well. As is the case with most dog breeds, they are sensitive to extreme heat and cold although the sensitivity to cold is reduced in the mixed breeds that inherit the double coat of the purebred Keeshond. Furthermore, they are usually quite intelligent and hence easily trainable and a good fit for owners of any experience level.

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The keeshond is a moderate energy level dog and hence the energy levels of the Keeshond Mix will most likely depend on that of the other parent in the breed and this will in turn determine their exercise needs. Furthermore, their grooming needs will likely be quite a lot especially due to their double coat nature. The Keeshond usually lives for 12-15 years and they stand at a height of 17-18 inches at the shoulder and weigh between 35-45 pounds. The mixed breed could be expected to have a similar lifespan and size.

Keeshond Mix Puppies



Keeshond Mix Puppies



Keeshond Mix Puppies