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The Jug is a cross between the Jack Russell terrier and the Pug. The jug can usually inherit a wide range of characteristics because their parents differ a lot in appearance so much so that each jug dog may look different even within the same litter. Therefore, in the process of purchasing a Jug, it is quite important to look through the traits of other jugs produced from that same litter or get information from the dog breeder.

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The Jug can have a range of temperaments because their parents differ a lot. The Pug for one is a calm, affectionate and funny dog whose sole purpose is to be a lap dog and to entertain while on the other hand, the Jack Russell terrier is a highly energetic working dog breed with a high prey drive. In addition, the trait that is common to both parents is their intelligence and hence the Jug is usually a brave, intelligent and energetic dog with an urge to chase so shouldn’t be left unleashed.

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The Jug is a moderately adaptable dog breed that is most likely to do well whether living in an apartment or a larger home. In addition, they are sensitive to extreme heat and cold but especially heat because of their short sparse coat and hence they shouldn’t be overburdened. The Jug is therefore a good fit for owners of any experience level as they do not require much care or exercise and just daily walks coupled with about an hour of playtime.

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The health of the Jug like with most mixed breeds is difficult to say for sure due to the fact that they can inherit their traits from either parent. Nonetheless, Jugs are usually healthy and may have a few conditions such as ectropion, ataxia, and allergies. Furthermore, their coat is usually quite easy to handle but other hygienic practices such as cleaning of nails, hair, and teeth shouldn’t be neglected. The jug stands between 11-13 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs between 13-18 pounds when fully grown. They have a lifespan of  between 12- 15 years.