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Jack-a-Ranians are very curious, smart and loving dog with a huge personality. The Pomeranian is usually very willful and strong-willed and so is the Jack-a-Ranian. They tend to be very loyal, smart and active but could be quite stubborn like their jack Russell parent.  Moreover, they are generally distrustful of people due to their terrier genes. This makes them good watchdogs although they could get aggressive if not properly trained.

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The Jack-a-Ranian you buy online is a cross between the Jack Russell Terrier and the Pomeranian. They are therefore not purebred dogs and hence not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC). Other organizations such as the American canine hybrid club (ACHC) recognize them. Furthermore, they come from a line of two quite different dog breeds and hence, the traits of the Jack-a-Ranian will usually depend on both of his parents which will be difficult to predict.

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The Jack-a-Ranian is a moderately adaptable dog that may be quite suited for apartment living due to their small size. Nevertheless, they still need a lot of exercise and space to run. They will require daily walks plus at least an hour each day exercising. Furthermore, socialization and training are of utmost importance with this breed as without these they will not get along with children and other pets and they may become aggressive towards strangers. They are not a good fit for inexperienced owners or as family-friendly pets.

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It is generally believed that crossbreeding makes mixed breeds healthier as it minimizes the chance of the transmission of breed-specific conditions. This is only true in certain situations and the exact opposite in others. Common health problems in this breed include patellar luxation and deafness. Dental issues are also common as well so it is important to brush their teeth regularly. In addition, they are generally low maintenance dogs with respect to their grooming needs. Lastly, they have a lifespan of between 13-15 years and could grow to height of 6-10 inches while weighing between 6-14 pounds.

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The Japanese Chin is a very ancient dog breed with a quite mysterious origin as no one truly knows how they got to Japan in the first place between 500-1000 years ago.  So people claim that they were from China while others insist that they came from Korea. Moreover, different people such as Buddhist monks, European merchants and Chinese emperors have been credited with bringing this dog breed to Japan. Nevertheless, Japanese nobles are credited with molding them into the breed we know today. They only came to America in 1854 due to Japanese isolationism and they were recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1888 as a member of the Toy group.

Jack-A-Ranian Puppies



Jack-A-Ranian Puppies