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The Havanese is dog breed of Cuban origin that is commonly referred to as the Havana silk dog and the Spanish silk. They are thought to be part of the ancient Bichon family which is a group of small white dogs that come from the line of the Tenerife and this is also the ancestor of the Maltese. Thus, they were the lapdogs of the wealthy planters and aristocrats and were named after the capital city of Cuba which is Havana. They were brought to America by the rich fleeing from Cuba during Fidel Castro’s revolution.

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Havanese puppies are intelligent and love playing with their owners although they are normally quiet and gentle. They get along perfectly with children and with other pets as well. They usually enjoy having a constant playmate. Nevertheless, these dogs can easily be injured during rough games. Hence it is important to supervise younger kids that play with them. Havaneses tend to make alert watchdogs although they don’t generally bark a lot. They love attention too much and won’t like to be left alone for long time periods.

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The havanese is a moderately adaptable dog breed that will be good in any living situation. Whether an apartment or a larger home due to their small size. Moreover, their Cuban origin means they have coats that protect them from heat and hence they do well in most climates although they will need warm clothing during winter. Furthermore, the havanese has a moderate energy level and will need just daily walks and some reasonable playtime. They tire quickly hence it is necessary to watch them and ensure they don’t get over exhausted.

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The Havanese is a relatively healthy dog breed but with a few breed-specific conditions such as heart murmurs, deafness and eye disorders. Our careful screening is dedicated towards eliminating these harmful genes. Furthermore, their coat is silky hence it is important to brush it to avoid tangles and matting. Their ears, nails and teeth should be cleaned frequently as well to prevent disease. Last but not least, the havenese has a lifespan of 14-16 years and a fully-grown havanese stands at a height of 8-11 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs between 7-15 pounds.

Havanese Puppies



Havanese Puppies



Havanese Puppies



Havanese Puppies