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The French Bulldog Mix is a cross between the French bulldog and any other dog breed. They are therefore considered as a mixed breed and hence they may inherit their traits from either parent. They may get a blend of traits from both parents. French Bulldog Mixes include the French bullhuahua or the bulldog Chihuahua mix. Also, the Boston terrier French Bulldog Mix, the poodle French Bulldog Mix and the Pug French Bulldog Mix.

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The French bulldog is a sweet-tempered, affectionate and loyal dog breed that makes a great family companion. Hence, they get along fantastically with children and with other pets as well. These dogs are naturally good watchdogs that will alert you whenever a stranger is around. They do not make good guard dogs as they are usually interested in making friends with strangers rather than being aggressive. Similar traits should be expected in the mixed breed although the other parent may affect these.

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The French Bulldog Mix is likely to be a highly adaptable dog. Like its French Bulldog parent and they should be able to handle any living situation whether apartments or larger homes. Also, most French Bulldog Mixes can live in most climates but are likely to be very sensitive to heat due to their French bulldog’s snub-nosed nature.  Nevertheless, they are usually healthy puppies unless they inherit some breed-specific conditions from their other parent which may not be favorable.

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The grooming needs of the French Bulldog Mix will totally depend on the type of fur coat color, type and length although the French bulldog usually has a coat that is quite easy to groom. Moreover, the French bulldog usually lives for 8-12 years. Also, they are generally 111-13 inches tall and weigh between 16-28 pounds when fully grown. The French Bulldog Mix will probably be affected by the traits of the other parent but a large deviation should not be expected.

French Bulldog Mix Puppies



French Bulldog Mix Puppies



French Bulldog Mix Puppies



French Bulldog Mix Puppies