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Forever puppies are dogs that never really grow old but instead tend to look like puppies for life. They maintain their puppy-like look and size all throughout their life.  These are usually mixed breeds that are from low-shedding parents and they are usually low-shedding themselves. Popular parent breeds of forever puppies include the Cavapoo and Cavachon. There is also a Cavapoo or Cavachon and Mini poodle or a Cavapoo and Bichon Frise. Hence they are sometimes referred to as Cavpoochon.

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Due to the fact that they are mixed breeds, the forever dogs can inherit their traits from either parent in a cross. Also from the wide range of puppies that can be crossed to produce a forever puppy. Generally, all the breeds from which the forever dog is bred are friendly dogs. They’ve got a sweet position and great family pets. They usually tend to get along with children and other pets in the household. They are usually good watchdogs as they will alert you when there’s a stranger around but they are not good guard dogs as they are more interested in making friends rather than being suspicious.

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This is a moderately adaptable breed as they can fit perfectly in any living space due to their small size. They do well in most climates but are usually more sensitive to heat and cold hence they will need to be watched carefully. Also, they thrive on attention from their families and hence they will not like to be left alone for too long. Furthermore, they have moderate energy levels although energy bursts are common but they tire out quickly. Just daily walks and some playtime is sufficient to keep the forever puppy breed healthy.

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These dogs are very intelligent and pick up things quickly hence they are highly trainable and also a good fit for owners of any experience level. Moreover, they are a healthy breed although issues common with small breeds such as hip dysplasia and epilepsy maybe present.  Also, grooming is usually light these puppies are generally low shedding. Forever puppies live for 12-17 years and stand at 9-12inches tall at the shoulder and weigh between 9-28 pounds when fully grown.

Forever Puppies



Forever Puppies



Forever Puppies



Forever Puppies