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The Foodle is a cross between a toy fox terrier and the miniature poodle hence they are not considered as purebreds. Their origin dates back to the 1980s when breeders began mixing purebred dogs. This was to create mixed breeds with the best characteristics of both their parents. The foodie dog combines the fun-loving nature of the miniature poodle. The feisty nature of the toy fox terrier to give and active family dog that loves cuddling and playing.

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The foodle is a high energy dog breed that is usually very playful and very smart. They generally are great family companions especially for active families. Expecially those that will be able to carry the dog with them on their expeditions. They get along perfectly with kids and other pets but they tend to love chasing smaller animals. Hence when unleashed they should be supervised. Foodles are quite loyal and are also very good non-aggressive watch dogs.

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Foodles are generally intelligent and will pick up instructions quickly but they do tend to chase especially when smaller animals are involved. Socialization is very important with this breed to curb bad habits such as barking and this urge to chase. Positive training that is usually reward based works better with this breed. Furthermore, the foodle will need at least an hour or more of walking and playing everyday so as to keep them healthy physically and mentally stimulated as well. Foodles are e great fit for owners of any experience level.

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Like most mixed breeds, the process of crossing usually tries to eliminate most of the health issues of the both purebred parents. Therefore, the foodle dog breed is quite healthy but they are usually prone to a few issues such as joint problems and mitral valve disease. In addition, grooming is important to keep their coat healthy and this coat could be inherited from either parent. Moreover, cleaning of nails, hair and teeth should be done frequently.  The fully grown foodle stands at

Foodle Puppies



Foodle Puppies



Foodle Puppies



Foodle Puppies