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The Dorkie is a cross between the Dachshund and the Yorkshire terrier. They are therefore not purebred dogs but instead considered as a mixed breed. They are also known as the Dachshund terrier mix and the yorkie dachshund mix.  Dorkies are usually not too excited. They are better companions for older people as they are happy just following their owner around the house. They also follow  to any other place hence they are great travel companions.

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The Dorkie is an affectionate, loyal and loving family pet which craves the attention of their owner and their family. They get along fantastically with kids and with other dogs and pets around the house. They do not make good watchdogs as they tend to be more interested in being friends with strange rather than being wary of them. The dorkie is quite intelligent like its parents and hence they tend to be highly trainable although they can be stubborn at times.

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Dorkies are highly adaptable dogs that will do well in either an apartment or in a larger family home. They are quite sensitive animals that won’t like to be left alone for long as they find pleasure being in the midst of their family. Dorkie do not also do well in extremely cold or hot climates as their coat is not long. Moreover, they are generally a good fit for novice owners as they do not require a lot of training or care but just simply attention.

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The Dorkie is not generally very healthy and will need proper dieting, exercise and mental stimulation to keep them in a good state. Furthermore, they do not shed much hence they are quite easy to groom. Other healthy practices such as cleaning of nails, hair and teeth are very essential for your dog’s health. The Dorkies usually stand at a height of 5-10 inches and weighs 5-12 pounds when fully grown. They have a long lifespan of about 13-16 years as is usually the case with smaller dog breeds.