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The Dorgi is a cross between the Dachshund and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi therefore it is not considered a purebred dog. They are not recognized by the AKC. Other associations such as the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC) recognize them. Due to the fact that they are a mixed breed. They can get their traits from either parent or as is most often the case, get a blend of traits from both parents. Therefore, it is advisable to look through other dorgis before purchasing yours.

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Dorgis are usually referred to as the Corgi dachshund mix or the dachshund corgi mix. The dorgi virtually remains a puppy for life and are very cute, jovial and intelligent. Thus, they tend to get along fantastically with children and other pets. They have a tendency to chase everything which can be curbed by proper training at a young age. They are quite sensitive creatures that will not like to be left alone but are willing to follow their owner all over the place.

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Dorgis are highly adaptable dogs that will live comfortably in any environment as long as they get the right amount of mental stimulation and most importantly attention. They are also smart and easily trainable. Due to their intelligence they tend to think that they are right which may lead to perceived stubbornness. Dorgies are usually a good fit for novice owners as they can be easily handled once training is started early on. Furthermore, they are sensitive to extremely cold and warm climates like every other dog breed.

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Dorgis come in multiple coat colors, type and length due to the fact that they are mixed breed dogs but common colors include brown, red and black. Grooming will depend on their coat type which is usually easy to handle. In addition, dog care will involve cleaning of nails, hair and teeth frequently.  With respect to size, they grow to a height of 9-12 inches and weigh between 15-28 pounds. The lifespan of a dorgi is usually between 12-15 years.