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Dalmatian mixes are quite numerous and include mixed breeds such as the Dalmatian husky mix, Dalmatian pitbull mix. Others include Dalmatian poodle mix, corgi Dalmatian mix, Dalmatian lab mix, golden retriever Dalmatian mix, Dalmatian German shepherd mix and the cocker spaniel Dalmatian mix. Furthermore, the Dalmatian is a well-known watchdog that is usually suspicious of strangers and will tend to be quite reserved around them but they are affectionate, loyal and protective towards their family.

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The Dalmatian Mix is a highly energetic dog breed that is a cross between a Dalmatian and any other dog breed. As is the case with every other mixed breed, the Dalmatian Mix can inherit its traits from either parent or more commonly get a blend of traits from both of the parent breeds. Therefore, we recommend that you should look at all the Dalmatian Mixes carefully. Before you decide which one you will like to purchase. Nevertheless, you should expect a loyal and loving family dog should they turn out like their Dalmatian parent.

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Dalmatians are moderately adaptable dogs that will usually prefer larger homes with yards instead of apartments because of their athletic nature as they need space to run. They are sensitive to both extremely hot and cold conditions but more to colder climates as their coat is quite short. Furthermore, their athletic nature will mean lots of exercise to make sure they are healthy. The Dalmatian mix is expected to have similar properties unless the other parent breed greatly affects them.

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Mixed breeds may inherit and of the breed-specific conditions of either parent or they may inherit none. Therefore, it is important to seek information on the parent breed before deciding to buy a Dalmatian mix puppy. Nevertheless, they are usually healthy and require very little grooming accompanied by cleaning of ears, teeth and ears. Dalmatians stand at a height of 19-24 inches and weigh between 45 to 70 pounds when fully grown. Dalmatians have a lifespan of 11-13 years. The mixed breed should have similar figures.

Dalmatian Mix Puppies



Dalmatian Mix Puppies



Dalmatian Mix Puppies



Dalmatian Mix Puppies