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The Dachshund Mix may take the temperament of its dachshund parent and hence will be an outgoing dog that gets along very well with children and other pets in the household although smaller pets will need to be more careful because of the possibly high prey drive.  The other parent in this mix will definitely contribute traits that will affect the temperament of the mixed breed to a certain extent. Therefore, it is advisable to get information on the other parent breed so as to have an idea of what is to be expected.

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The Dachshund Mix is the offspring of a cross between any random dog breed and the Dachshund dog breed. Due to the fact that this is a mixed breed, they can inherit any set of traits from either parent or from both parents. Nevertheless, should they turn out like their Dachshund parent; they will be small, courageous and friendly dogs with a high prey drive that makes a great family companion. Normally the other parent in the mixed breed is bound to affect these traits in one way or another. Examples include the Dachshund Chihuahua Mix or chiweenie, Dachshund beagle Mix, Dachshund lab Mix, Dachshund terrier Mix, Dachshund corgi Mix and the Dachshund pitbull Mix.

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The Dachshund is moderately adaptable and the mixed breed is likely to be more or less adaptable depending on the breed.  Dachshunds usually handle apartment-living as well as living in a larger home very well. They prefer moderate climates and are sensitive to heat. Even more so to extreme cold as their coat is short. The traits of the other parent may alter their adaptability greatly. In the case of the Dachshund golden retriever Mix.

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Dachshund Mixes are generally healthy dogs but they could inherit some breed-specific conditions from either of their parents. For this reason, we make sure our breeders screen all our breeding dogs to ensure that such traits are nit transmitted down to the offspring. Nevertheless, general health practices such as cleaning of hair, nails and teeth must be carried out.  Furthermore, the amount of grooming necessary, the activity levels, the size and lifespan of this mixed breed are usually best determined by getting the information of the other parent of the breed as these may vary largely.

Dachshund Mix Puppies



Dachshund Mix Puppies



Dachshund Mix Puppies