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Even though they are no longer herding dogs, Collies still have the tendency to herd their families and this is common only in the high energy Border collie but other collies can only do this when they are bored.These dogs are sensitive and good-hearted animals that will not handle yelling or loud noises well. They also prefer to live in large space but can handle apartment living as long as it’s spacious. Furthermore, Collies will do well in most climates but better in cooler climates as their long coat makes them more sensitive to heat. In addition, collies especially rough collie puppies do not like to be left alone for long as they thrive on human interaction.

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The Collie is a very effective member of the herding class breed of canines and has Scottish origins. There are many dogs in this breed that do not bear the name collie. The more common types are the American Rough Collie and the British Border Collie dogs. They were previously used as sheepherders and for other herding purposes but now their place is within a family. Also, this breed is vastly known for their intelligence. Hence their ability to learn quickly and failing to make them work or  learn may make them disobedient.

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Only the border collies are hyperactive, normal collies show moderate activity levels and will be fine with just normal exercise. Moreover, they are usually a good fit for anyone with any experience level. This is because of their high intelligence and patience in learning. Obedience classes may also help in a case where they are a bit too stubborn. Furthermore, collies are generally healthy dogs but have a few breed-specific issues such as Cyclic Neutropenia also known as Grey Collie syndrome that causes discoloration that looks the rare Blue-Merle Collie color.

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Collies have very long fur coats hence grooming is very important. Their hair should be brushed daily to avoid matting and the formation of tangles. Other practices such as cleaning of the dogs ears and trimming of nails should be done at least monthly while you should brush their teeth daily to avoid dental infections. Lastly, Collies live for about 10 to 14 years and weigh between 25-55 pounds and have a height of 12-25 inches when fully grown.