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Collies were bred initially and used in the past mostly for herding but nowadays they are good family companions. Nevertheless, the herding instinct needs to be curbed while they are young or Collies such as the Border collie may try to herd members of their family. Moreover, collies need to be put to work or be continuously learning new things so as to prevent them from becoming destructive in the long run. Collie Mixes are likely to be like this although the other parent may affect this to a certain extent.

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The Collie Mix is a designer mixed breed and is a cross between the Collie and any other dog breed.  For this reason, the Collie Mix can inherit their traits from either parent or more commonly they get a blend of traits from both parent breeds. Examples of Collie Mixes include the Border collie Australian mix, collie poodle mix, and the German shepherd Collie Mix. The traits of all these mixed breeds will vary depending on the other parent in the mix.


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The collie mix is usually a moderately adaptable dog like their Collie parents. They are very emotional creatures that will not do well in excessively noisy environments and hence they are more suited to spacious environments although they will be okay living in an apartment as long as they get the right amount of exercise and attention. They do not like to be left alone as they thrive on human interaction. Collie mixes are expected to be similar.

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Collie mixes can inherit any fur coat color, type and size from their parents. Nevertheless, they will always need frequent grooming especially if they are to inherit the long wavy coat of the collie. Dental and ear hygiene are also as important as well. Furthermore, the Collie lives for about 10 to 14 years and weighs between 25-55 pounds and has a height of 12-25 inches when fully grown. Except the other parent in the breed has figures that are largely different from this, the mixed breed is expected to be very similar in size and in lifespan.

Collie Mix Puppies



Collie Mix Puppies



Collie Mix Puppies



Collie Mix Puppies