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The Chinese Crested Hairless usually has very little or no body hair and they were created to be companions to disabled people. They can almost read the minds of their owners and do not have the urge to go out and run around like all other dogs but they are still very healthy and are surprisingly agile. Furthermore, they are very social and will bond easily and intensely with family although they are very wary of strangers. Once they have made an attachment with you, they become stalkers and will be eternally devoted.

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The Chinese crested hairless mix is a cross between the Chinese Crested hairless dog and any other dog breed. Generally, all mixed breeds can get their traits from either of their parents or more commonly they get a blend of traits from both parents. The Chinese Crested Hairless Chihuahua Mix is one of the most popular Chinese Crested mixes especially in the United States. They are recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) as a toy dog. Hairlessness in dogs is usually as a result of an incompletely dominant trait in a single breed.


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The Chinese Crested Hairless dog is generally very adaptable as concerns their living environment as they have almost no urge to run around hence they are very suited for apartment living. They are extremely sensitive dogs and do not like to be left alone at all. Also, due to their lack of hair they cannot tolerate cold climates but can manage warmer ones excellently. In addition, they can be easily trained as they are intelligent. Nevertheless, the traits of the other parent breed are likely to affect these properties very drastically.

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Generally, the Chinese Crested Hairless dog is an extremely healthy dog breed with almost no potential to gain weight. Nevertheless, they are prone to some conditions such as hip dysplasia and hypothyroidism. Furthermore, they barely need grooming due to their lack of hair but they need baths a least once a week and also they need a lot of dental care because hairlessness is usually associated with missing teeth. Moreover, they have a lifespan of 10-14 years and stand at a height of 11 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh up to 12 pounds when fully grown. In case the mix breed should turn out like their Chinese Crested Hairless parent then similar traits are to be expected although the other parent usually has a huge effect on the Chinese Crested Hairless Mix dog.

Chinese Crested Hairless Mix Puppies



Chinese Crested Hairless Mix Puppies