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Cava-chin puppies are likely to be very highly adaptable because both of the parents are small sized dogs that have a lot of fur. Furthermore, the parent breeds involved are not very highly energetic so will not require a lot of space to exercise as just a few daily walks will suffice. Cava-chin puppies love attention and bond a lot with their owners hence don’t like being left alone for long periods of time. They are also adaptable to either warm or cold climates but are usually heat sensitive due to their small sizes.

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The Cava-chin is a cross between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Japanese chin hence they are not a purebred dog. The cava-chin is a designer dog breed which is classified as a small sized dog breed. Due to the fact that they are a mixed breed, they can inherit their traits such as fur coat type, color and length, size, intelligence and prey drive from either parent or they may have a blend of traits from both parents.


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Both the Japanese chin and the cavalier King Charles spaniel dog breeds are very noble and have charming personalities. Furthermore, they tend to get along very well with kids. They are classified as charming lapdogs that are very poor guard dogs or watchdogs as they are very open and friendly with strangers and other pets. Based on these characteristics there is a very small probability that their offspring will be any different. Cava-chin puppies will be expected to be loving companions and a great loving family dog that will be a good fit for even first time owners as they will be intelligent and hence highly trainable.

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The cava-chin usually has a low prey drive and doesn’t find a lot of interest in chasing. So it’s never an issue to live them unleashed. They have an average lifespan of between 10-14 years and don’t grow much. The Japanese chin when fully grown stand at a height of 8-11inches at the shoulder. They weigh about 7-11 pounds. While the cavalier king Charles spaniel stands at 12-13 inches. It weighs about 10-18 pounds. Therefore, the cava-chin is expected to lie somewhere within these margins. Lastly, grooming would depend on what sort of fur they inherit. There are other basic hygienic practices such as nail trimming and brushing of teeth are to be maintained.

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