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The cane corso mix is a cross between an Italian mastiff or a cane corso and any other dog breed. Due to the fact that this is a mixed breed, the puppies can inherit any number of traits from either parent or a blend of traits from both parents. Cane corsos are loyal, loving, caring and protective dogs that are generally wary of strangers and are family-only dogs. Similar traits should be expected in the Cane corso mix.

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The Italian mastiff is a very protective and family oriented dog. They get along well with the children and animals of the family but are very suspicious of strangers and may tend to get aggressive when not properly socialized. For this reason, training and socialization is even more necessary. The other parent involved in this breed may throw in its own temperament but something similar is expected though it is important to ask about the other parent so you can have a general idea of what to expect from your cane corso mix puppy.

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Cane corsos are described as moderately adaptable but are more adaptable to climate as they can handle warmer or cooler climates but are not adaptable when it comes to space as they are large dogs. Due to this, corsos are better suited for large homes rather that apartments. They should only be left unleashed in a fenced area. The other parent in the breed could add some traits that may make the cane corso mix more or less adaptable. Qualities such as health will follow this pattern so it is a good idea to request for genetic information of the other breed.

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Cane corsos live for about 9-12 years and stand at a height of 22-28 inches and weigh between 80-120 pounds. The other parent breed may have a large impact on it especially if it is the mother. Furthermore, they are moderate activity dogs that need a lot of exercise and mental stimulation. In addition; they will need grooming which will depend on which type of fur coat they inherit. As that is unpredictable. Nevertheless, they will need nail trimming, ear cleaning and teeth brushing frequently to prevent various infections.

Cane Corso Mix Puppies



Cane Corso Mix Puppies



Cane Corso Mix Puppies