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Due to their big personalities, cheerful nature, and playful characteristics they are referred to as big dogs trapped in small bodies. Furthermore, they bond very well with their families and get along very well with kids and other animals. Such a temperament will be seen in the Cairn terrier mix provided the other parents temperament isn’t off the charts. For this reason, asking questions about the other parent is important to know what to expect.

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The Cairn terrier mix is the result of a cross between a cairn terrier and any other dog breed. Due to the fact that this is a mix breed, the Cairn terrier puppies may inherit traits from either parent or a blend of both of its parent’s traits. Nevertheless, should they turn out like their cairn terrier parents, the mix breed will be courageous dogs with big personalities that love being independent but are great family companions. Also, cairn terriers have moderate energy levels and require just daily walks and playtime and similar should be expected in the mix breed.


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When it comes to adaptability, cairn terriers are highly adaptable dogs that will handle apartment living or large homes very well. In addition, their double fur coat makes it easy for them to endure cold weather but they are sensitive to heat. They shouldn’t be left unleashed outside of a fenced area as their high prey drive makes them want to chase. Unless, the other parent affects the Cairn terrier mix’s adaptability, similar traits are expected.

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Furthermore, the Cairn terrier mix breed can be healthier than its parents or maybe less healthy. This is because no one can simply say which traits the Cairn terrier puppies will inherit. Also, they have a lifespan of 12-15 years and grow up to about 9-13 inches in height and 13-18 pounds. Their fur coat type, color and length will usually depend largely on the other dog in the cross. Nonetheless, frequent baths along with brushing of teeth is recommended. It is also very important to trim your dog’s nails and clean their ears to prevent ear infection.

Cairn Terrier Mix Puppies



Cairn Terrier Mix Puppies



Cairn Terrier Mix Puppies



Cairn Terrier Mix Puppies