Boxer puppies are quite adaptable but will generally do best in a moderate climate and a house with a fenced yard. They can still adapt to apartment living as long as their exercise needs are met. The boxer dog needs some amount of training to become a well-adjusted pet. As such, puppy training and socialization classes are highly recommended. New dog owners should still follow boxer puppies for sale signs but should be ready for puppy training and socialization.

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The boxer is a dog of German origin and is among the most popular dog breeds in America. They are recognized by all dog associations. The boxer is a working dog which is happy, intelligent and friendly and will make an excellent family dog with undying loyalty till it goes out. This dog breed goes along well with other dogs and also other house pets. A boxer will make an excellent watchdog and guardian if need be. Puppy socialization is equally advised from early stages. The boxer dog is often bred to give boxer mix puppies and miniature boxer puppies.



Boxer dogs are generally healthy but can be prone to the following health issues; thyroid deficiency, degenerative myelopathy and heart conditions. For grooming, the boxer has a small and short coat hence a weekly brushing should be okay for them. Give your boxer an occasional bath and equally trim its nails monthly. Dental care is equally as important for dogs hence try to brush its teeth daily.


The Boxer dog is a high energy dog and hence will need a lot of exercise and playtime to keep it happy and healthy. They also have a high prey drive and as such should be leached when outdoors. The boxer can grow to a height of about 21 and 25 inches and weigh between 50 and 80 pounds. The boxer dog’s lifespan is 10 to 12 years. Boxer dogs can breed to give white boxer puppies and black boxer puppies.