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Toy aussies generally tend to be playful, loving, loyal and affectionate small lap dogs that get along very well with children and with other animals as well. They are non-aggressive but are usually reserved with strangers and will open up quickly once they are comfortable. Moreover, they are highly adaptable largely due to their really small size so will do well in large homes or apartments. This size also makes them very sensitive to heat and cold. Furthermore, they don’t like to be left alone for long as they like bonding with their families. Such traits should be expected in the mix breed although the other parent’s traits may affect them.

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The Toy Australian shepherd Mix is the offspring of the cross between a Toy Australian shepherd and any other dog breed. Due the fact that they are a mix breed, the puppies may inherit their traits from either parent or a combination of traits from both. Nonetheless, should the toy aussie mix inherit its traits from the toy Australian parent, then they will be a small companion that loves to cuddle and are very intelligent, energetic and will fit right in to any family.


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Toy Australian shepherd mix dogs are intuitive, smart and have an innate desire to please their owner. These characteristics makes them a good fit for dog owners of all experience levels especially if the other parent breed is highly trainable as well. In addition, toy aussies have moderate activity levels although they are highly energetic this is because they tire quickly hence daily walks and little playtime is good enough for them. The energy level of the other breed in the cross is likely to affect this so getting information about them will help you to know what to expect.

Teacup Australian Sheperd Mix Toy Puppies for adoption

When fully grown, toy Australian shepherds stand at 10-12 inches tall. They weigh 7-20 pounds and have a lifespan of 12-13 years. The mix breed is expected to have such characteristics especially if the other parent is small as well. Moreover, a mixed dog breed can inherit an unpredictable amount of health concerns or issues from its parents. Also, fur coat, color and type will vary depending on the other breed but moderate year round grooming is necessary along with nail trimming. Dental and ear hygiene is also for important to prevent your puppy from suffering from persistent gum disease and ear infections.

Australian Sheperd Mix Toy Puppies



Australian Sheperd Mix Toy Puppies



Australian Sheperd Mix Toy Puppies



Australian Sheperd Mix Toy Puppies