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Mini aussies are very intelligent, affectionate and loving dogs with a high sense of devotion to their owners. They could be described as fluff balls and are a highly energetic dog breed that gets along very well with children and all other pets. The mini aussie doodle is not a good guard dog because of its welcoming nature but they are good watchdogs as they will bark to alert you of any strangers. Doodles may have a herding instinct which is gotten from their Australian shepherd parent but can be curbed by training at an early age.

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The miniature aussiedoodle also known as the mini aussiedoodle is a mix breed which is recognized as a designer breed by the American Canine Hybrid Club, the Designer Breed Registry and the Designer Dogs Kennel Club. The mini aussiepoo is virtually a smaller version of the larger aussiedoodle. They are bred from a cross between an Australian shepherd and a miniature poodle. Their small size is an added advantage as it makes them better companion dogs and they are also used as therapy dogs.


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Mini aussiedoodles can adapt to any situation largely due to their small size. Also, they are less able to deal with very hot or cold weather so their coat should be cut short in the summer and left to grow in the winter. Winter dog gear will help keep them warm in the winter when taking the dog out. Moreover, they need very little exercise and thrive more on attention ffrom their families and so should not be left alone for long time periods. Generally, they are healthy dogs but conditions such as deafness, epilepsy and allergies are common.

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Mini doodles have a lifespan of 10 – 15years and have a height of about 14-19 inches at the shoulder when fully grown. They have a weight of about 15-30 pounds. Due to the fact that Mini aussiedoodles have high energy levels. They are very intelligent, they are highly trainable. Though can also be difficult at times. For this reason it’s a better fit for owners with some little experience.  Novices can take puppy training classes. Since they are a mixed breed, they can inherit either fur type and color or a blend of both and will require moderate grooming depending on the season. Good dental hygiene, ear cleaning and nail trimming is also needed.

Aussiedoodle Miniature Puppies



Aussiedoodle Miniature Puppies



Aussiedoodle Miniature Puppies



Aussiedoodle Miniature Puppies