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Anatolian shepherds were originally bred for use as watchdogs on farms to protect livestock such as sheep and goats. For this reason, they are naturally suspicious of strangers. Nevertheless, they show a lot of affection to children and other dogs or pets especially when socialization and training is started very early. These characteristics are expected to be portrayed by the mix breed though they will be affected by the other parent. Hence we advise that you should get information on the other parent before making a purchase.

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The Anatolian shepherd Mix is a mixture or a cross between an Anatolian shepherd and any other dog breed. Due to this combination of parents , an Anatolian shepherd mix puppy can inherit traits from either or both of its parent breeds. The Anatolian shepherd is a loyal, protective, territorial and extremely intelligent dog which is capable of making its own decisions. They are also very affectionate towards their family. Such or similar traits are to be expected from the Anatolian shepherd mix breed.


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The Anatolian shepherd is usually best suited for a fenced property as it likes to wander around and chase as well as scout its property. This is caused by their high prey drive and territorial nature. In addition, the Anatolian shepherd is a moderate activity breed that will require just brisk daily walks and since they are naturally independent, they won’t mind spending time on their own. Therefore such similar properties are to be expected in the mix breed although the traits of the other parent breed may have a role to play.

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Although Anatolian shepherds are quite smart and pick up things quickly, they tend to be very stubborn and strong-willed. This makes them not a good fit for first time dog owners. Furthermore, they have a lifespan of 11- 13 years and grow to about 27-19 inches in height and 80-150 pounds. Hence, the mix breed is expected to follow suite. Lastly, The Anatolian shepherd mix can inherit its fur coat and color from either parent or get a blend. Either way, moderate brushing is needed along with proper dental and ear hygiene as well as frequent baths and nail trimming. Dental hygiene is very important as gum disease is one of the most prevalent diseases in dogs.

Anatolian Sheperd Mix Puppies



Anatolian Sheperd Mix Puppies



Anatolian Sheperd Mix Puppies



Anatolian Sheperd Mix Puppies