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American bulldogs are generally described as sweethearts and the perfect family dog. This is because they love kids and they also handle living with other family pets very well. These puppies also bond very well with their owner and adore family time or time spent with them. Such similar characteristics are to be expected in the mix breed though the characteristics of the other parent are still a very important factor. For this reason, it is advisable to seek knowledge from the breeder on the other parent.

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The American bull dog mix as the name indicates is a cross between an American bulldog and another dog breed. Due to the fact that it is a mix breed, character traits are expected to be gotten from both of the parents involved. Nevertheless should the mix breed inherit the traits of the American bulldog then you should be able to expect a puppy which is energetic, loving and very affectionate especially towards its owner. The puppy will also have a very playful personality.


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When adopting an American bulldog one of the most important factors is your living space. This is because American bulldogs are very highly energetic playful dogs that like running around hence they need space for this. Although, they are not best suited for apartment living, if you can provide them with long daily walks and playtime then they will be healthy and happy. Once more such similar traits are to be expected in an American bull dog mix puppy.

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Furthermore, a bulldog has a lifespan of between 10-16 years. Although an American bulldog is generally healthy, the mix breed may inherit none of the disease traits. That’s either parent or all of them. An average American bull dog stands at 20-27 inches. Its weight ranges between 60-125 pounds. So a similar size is expected in the mix breed. Though the other parent will also affect their size and activity levels which is normally high. Finally, the mix breed may inherit the fur coat of either parent. It might also blend of both but American bulldogs shed moderately so little brushing is needed. In addition, frequent nail trimming, teeth brushing and ear cleaning is recommended to keep your dog heal.

American Bulldog Mix Puppies



American Bulldog Mix Puppies



American Bulldog Mix Puppies



American Bulldog Mix Puppies