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Buying an akita dog while they are still puppies is very important because even though the breed is well-behaved in situations or social encounters when it is properly introduced it may turn to be aggressive in strange or unfamiliar situations. Therefore when training them it is important to make sure to socialize them with other pets preferably those that are smaller than them. This will help them be more comfortable and make them feel safe among other pets even when you are not around.

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The Akita is a striking hard working breed that originated from the akita region in Japan. Legend holds that it was bred to hunt the terrifying yezo bear that threatened the area in the 1600s.till today they are a  sign of good luck in Japanese culture and it is  an honor to own an akita. Akitas are a fearless breed which arevpopular for being alert and extremely loyal. Nonetheless, they are still very god companion dogs as it is very affectionate towards his owner and family.

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Akitas thrive on human companionship and also bark very little rendering them suitable for living in an apartment. They are a breed that can easily get bored hence they need a lot of interaction and daily exercise. In addition, it is important to begin training early and continue into adulthood so as to develop respect between you and your puppy. Furthermore, the akita is generally healthy but susceptible to diseases such as hip dysplasia and thyroid issues but all our puppies undergo genetic screening to prevent such.

Teacup Akita puppies for adoption

An akita has a favorable lifespan of 10 to 16 years which is quite a long time. They are medium size dogs. Thus, when fully grown and are between 24 to 29 inches and may weigh up to 130 pounds. They require considerably less physical activity than their canine counterparts. They need just brisk daily walks are good for their happiness. Furthermore, they are generally independent and this may make handling by a novice owner difficult and they might need training. Finally, they come in shades such as white, pinto and bridle. Daily brushing off its inner and outer coats is important. Also well as trimming of nails and teeth brushing from a young age.