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Akita mix dogs will usually be expected to be adaptable to live in apartments especially if they can get the mental and physical stimulation they require to be healthy. These dogs also have a very high prey drive and protective instinct so shouldn’t be let off their leash in public places. furthermore, though they like the company they are very independent dogs that are intelligent as well and will pick up training quickly and maybe stubborn at various times which may make it difficult for a first-time dog owner.

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Akita mix dogs like any other breed that has mix in its name is a crossbreed between an Akita dog and any other parent breed. Due to this it may inherit traits from both or either of its parents. An Akita dog is a very loyal and friendly dog that gets along very well with kids. They are generally quiet dogs but will bark to alert you of anything. Such traits or similar ones should be expected in the Akita mix-breeds along with that of the other parent. For this reason, meeting the other parent is very advisable so as to know what to expect.


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The Akita is generally a medium-sized dog when fully grown usually standing at an average of 26inches and with a weight of about 75-130 pounds. These properties could be largely affected by the other parent so it is important to check that out. They tend to have moderate activity levels hence just daily brisk walks and some running time may be sufficient to keep your dog in good shape but still, the other parent has a role in this.

Teacup Akita mix puppies for adoption

An Akita dog has a life span of about 10 to 15 years and once more this may be affected by the other parent. An example of an Akita mix dog is the German shepherd Akita mix and the other parent is quite obvious. Furthermore, the mixed breed may inherit health concerns from either parent. In addition, constant brushing of the dog’s fur is necessary as well as other hygienic aspects such as teeth brushing as well as trimming of the dog’s nails monthly. Ear cleaning is also required to prevent ear infections which may cause unexpected and maybe even fatal conditions.

Akita Mix Puppies



Akita Mix Puppies



Akita Mix Puppies