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Puppies of the Akbash dog breed require proper training and socialization which when lacking may cause the dog to be aggressive towards other strange dogs.  The Akbash is protective and territorial which causes its aggressiveness hence it’s more suited for homes with older kids. Also, it is classified as a large dog that needs a lot of room to exercise hence more suitable for family homes instead of apartments.

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The Akbash is a large dog breed that is the national dog of Turkey. It is one of the few livestock guardian dog breeds as it was originally used to guard livestock from predators such as wolves. This was aided by its white fur color which helps it to easily blend in with the sheep. Furthermore, Akbash dogs are alarm, calm, and collected which makes them the perfect protective dog.


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Generally, our Akbash dogs for sale are very healthy but the dog’s weight needs to be watched as well as its hips and elbows. Furthermore, it is necessary that the owner is stern so as to eliminate any disobedience resulting from its large size and strength. The easiest way to do this is to start training and socializing the puppy. The Akbash weighs between 90-140 pounds and has a standing height between 28-34 inches.

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A very important aspect when getting Turkish Akbash puppies for sale is the aspect of care or grooming. This may help improve its life span above the normal average of 10years. Though the Akbash is generally a clean dog, regular brushing of its medium double coat is still necessary. In addition, basic dental hygiene is important as well. This isn’t difficult as the Akbash is a low activity breed that needs just moderate exercise daily and it isn’t known to possess a strong odor.

Akbash Puppies



Akbash Puppies



Akbash Puppies



Akbash Puppies



Akbash Puppies